IDM Elevated/Electrical Working Crop Plat. Trolley – A4R-1700

The A4R-1700 is designed to do high level work in greenhouses. A lot of greenhouses require adjustments at the top of the plant or other maintenance in the greenhouse, which is where these machines are built for. These machines are fitted with three wheels depending on the model. It is ideal for a muddy or uneven floor of any greenhouse or field, as these machine have proven to be very stable and thus safe. They are equipped with telescopic handrails and steering wheels to adjust to your preferred working height.

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  • Maximum platform height: 1.94m
  • Maximum working height: 4m
  • Maximum forward speed: 40m per minute
  • Maximum load: 120 kg (1 person + tools)
  • Automatic charger
  • Control of forward and reverse speed, smooth acceleration and braking
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