IDM Fumimatic – Vertical & Horizontal Crop Spraying

This machine offers a great way to spray your crops in greenhouses with large and high crops. While spraying the production area isn’t considered as a pleasant job, it allows your staff to get the this task  done as quickly as possible. It will not only allow spraying to be done quicker, it will also be more consistent.

The difference with the Fumimatic – Horizontal is that the Fumimatic – Vertical has high vertical spraying beams and is ideal for spraying plants who grow high and long such as tomatoes and capsicum. The Fumimatic – Horizontal has long horizontal spraying beams who are perfect for spraying smaller and low plants such as strawberries, berries and cherries.

  • Consistent treatment of your plants
  • Avoid getting stuck in soil through 6×6 drive system
  • Savings of about 30% in spraying products
  • Save time by having one person spraying 1 ha in 1.5h
  • Nozzles height and width can all be modificated
  • Automatic hydro-loading device will minimize toxic products contact
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