Javo Excellent and Javo PITA

The Javo Excellent and Javo Pita are great help for the automation of tray and pot dispensing. The Javo Excellent will pull those trays apart from one another, which can be an unpleasant job for your staff and place them onto an in feed conveyor. It has a capacity of up to 1200 trays per hour, making it a very quick machine as well.
The Javo Pita (Pot-In-Tray-Dispenser) places pots automatically into trays. Both machines are compatible with different sizes of trays and pots. They will be able to automate tray and pot dispensing in a very quick and efficient way.

* Virtually soundless and safe
* Quick-change template system
* Quiet and smooth operation
* Protection shields

Pot-In-Tray lines:
Several machines combined with each other, to comprise a fully integrated line for complete automation of dispensing, filling, dibbling and watering trays. Machines possible in this line:
– Javo Excellent : dispenses trays and places them on a conveyor belt
– Javo PITA : fills the trays with empty pots
– Javo Quickfiller or Rotofill : fills (the pots in) the trays with soil
– Javo Dibble Station : dibbles holes in the soil
– Javo Watering Tunnel : supplies water to the soil

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