Javo PPU 2.0 Trailer Loader

The completely redesigned Javo PPU 2.0 offers the solution for automatic placing of round and square pots onto transport wagons. The unique movement of the Javo PPU 2.0 ensures that the pots will always be placed upright on the transport wagon.

With its touchscreen 50 program options, the Javo PPU 2.0 can be easily converted to another pot size. This makes the machine very user-friendly. The machine can also handle trays.

Your pots are always positioned as desired on the transport wagon, because of the cooperation between the chain track and the push over unit. The elevator movement keeps the pot upright. It prevents pots from falling over during the movement and also ensures that larger and higher plants do not get entangled. And so the top layer on the pot will not fall out of the pot.

  • Suitable for various trolley widths and heights.
  • Suitable for round pots, square pots and trays.
  • Both left and right acting available.
  • Operation via display with touchscreen.
  • 50 program possibilities.
  • Pots will be placed upright on the trolley, which prevent pots from falling during the movement.
  • Top layer on the pot will not be wasted.
  • Plants will not get entangled.
  • High capacity possible, because the different motions work simultaneously.
  • Pots are always positioned on the transport wagon as desired.
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