Javo Unimax & Unimax XXL

Filling large pots or containers is no problem for this machine. Because of the free flow of the mix in a pot or poly bag, it handles plants with either small or large roots. It has a rotating pot plate so all substrate gets distributed evenly in the pot. The vibrating helps achieve the best density. It also has a handy return system so that spilled mix is sent back to the elevator.

  • Soil bin capacity of 1500 litres with an optional expansion to 4000 litres
  • Work space for 1 or 2 individuals
  • Unique soil-return system
  • Rotating pot plates with vibrating unit

Unimax XXL:
XXL means more. The machine is built on a Javo Unimax base, which is extended. It uses an automated adjustable filling program to set a working pace. This user-friendly machine fills large pots up to 100 litres. The Unimax XXL takes away the heavy work of large pot filling by turning the pot and putting a measured amount of soil in a 3-stage operation.

* Suitable for very large pots
* Even distribution of the soil in the pot, by means of a pot-turning plate
* Unique soil return system
* Easily adjustable
* Suppy of soil is possible from 3 sides
* Several possibilities to extend the machine

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