Priva FS Performance

The Priva FS Performance system gives you a continuous understanding of the results of your company. As a manager you want to track information regarding the yield of your crops, quality of your crops, amount of labour carried out by your employees and any pests or diseases which have been found. To make the best decisions in managing your operation it is important that this information is reliable and accurate. Most of the time, data regarding the performance of your operation is stored in different databases and is not easy accessible. This makes it hard to make the best decisions for your business.

The Priva FS Performance system supports you with your operational, tactical and strategic decisions by combining all this information in one system. The Priva FS Performance is also compatible with Business Information packages like Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

If you want to know more about how the Priva FS Performance collects data, please take a look at our ‘read more’ section down below.

  • Collects data on your operations and stores it in one database
  • Makes registration of labour more efficient
  • Quality of crops can be rated per container to allow estimations
  • Great medium for documenting any problems in your greenhouse right away
  • Production can be lifted by selecting most efficient workers
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