Side-Shifting, Floor-Rolling and Multi-Move Benches

Mobile Benches are commonly used in professional Horticulture. Powerplants offers three different mobile benches, the Side-Shifting benches, Floor-Rolling benches and the Multi-Move Benches. In the last 30 years, the basic principles of mobile benches have evolved to a well-tested and proven concept. The mobile benches are a perfect stepping stone in upgrading a nursery for multiple reasons.

Mobile benches allow a far greater percentage of your greenhouse to be used for production, rather than requiring valuable areas to be used for walkways.

Mobile benching systems can also be used with Ebb & Flood Bench tops as well as regular mesh top. The Ebb & Flood Benches provides fully automated irrigation for your crops, further improving the efficiency of your growing area.


The basic components of the mobile benches consist of:

  • Mobile benches (Ebb & Flood and regular mesh top bottoms, welded, self-assembly)
  • Watering equipment (water supply and discharge, static watering booms).
  • Multi-Move Lateral Transport (MMLT) sections (with pneumatic lift).
  • Support and rail pipe components.

The automation components are:

  • Bench transport robots.
  • Bench automation (push, pull and lifting equipment).
  • Plant handling (robots, grading equipment).
  • Overhead transport (stacker, crane).
  • Cleaning/disinfecting equipment.
  • Control and visualisation software (PLC or PC based).
A mobile benching system is the system you are looking for. The mobile benches ensure the optimisation of the space used in your greenhouse, since every greenhouse in limited by its size. The benches can be moved in order to take advantage of all the space you have. Moreover, many components are standardised and which can be built together to specific requirements of every unique situation, regardless of scale and complexity. This ensures your greenhouse is arranged in the most efficient way possible. Finally, the modular components ensure smooth implementation, efficient operation, long lifetime and of course very competitive pricing.

Since the mobile benching system gives you the possibility to optimise the space utilised in your greenhouse, it also ensures an increase in profits. The mobile benches increase your production capacity, thus increasing the profits to be made!

Apart from above reasons a significant reduction of labour costs can be achieved when the movement of benches and plants is improved or even automated with the Multi-Move Benches. The automisation decreases the amount of labour involved, therefore logically decreasing labour costs. Because of the modular parts the system is perfectly suitable for step-by-step expansion and/or automation over time.

The mobile benches can also dramatically decrease the amount of water used in your greenhouse. The mobile benches can have mesh tops or Ebb & Flood Liners which, when you recycle water at the same time, can decrease the amount of water used by up to 50%. Products to effectively recycle the water used in your greenhouse are featured earlier in the catalogue.
Differences between Side-Shifting, Floor-Rolling and Multi-Move Benches:

While most of the benefits between the Side-Shifting Benches, Floor-Rolling and Multi-Moving Benches are alike, the design and functions differ: The most common benches used in greenhouses are the Side-Shift Benches. The legs of the Side-Shifting Benches are fixed to the floor, and the bench tops roll side to side. Therefore it gives you the opportunity to create paths in between different rows of benches to access your plants. Floor-Rolling Benches are on wheels; therefore you can move them from one side of your greenhouse to the other, optimising growing space. Multi-Move Benches, in addition to optimising growing space, are able to move plants throughout the whole nursery, also making it a transportation system.

Easy assembly:

Save money with self-assembly! The fully mobile benches are specially designed to combine high quality components with extremely competitive pricing. How? By further standardisation and allowing you to self-assemble the entire system without the need of costly staff such as aluminium welders or a specialized installation crew. Besides easy to assemble components, a clear installation manual will be provided to ensure smooth assembly by yourself. Of course the self-assembled components are a solid base for future expansions and upgrades.

This brochure will tell you more about all the products Logiqs supply. If you are interested in products in this brochure which are not found on this website, you can ask us for the possibilities. You can download the Logiqs brochure by clicking the link below:

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