Transport and Picking Trolleys

Powerplants Transport and Picking 190/250 trolleys.

Most modern greenhouses feature heating systems using pipe rail. This type of heating not only allows optimum climate control, but also forms part of the internal logistics required to manage the crop in the greenhouse.

Powerplants has been specialising in supplying internal logistic systems for over a decade.

Part of the range of trolleys available from Powerplants are the Transport and Picking trolleys available in two standard lengths: 190cm and 250cm.

The Transport trolley is useful for tasks such as cleaning and de-leafing, while the Picking trolley also features a roller rack and slidable top rack suitable for picking truss tomatoes.

  • Corrosion resistant galvanised¬†design
  • Compatible with standard fruit handling systems
  • Draw bar to link trolleys together
  • Four high-quality flanged wheels
  • Four high-quality swivel with wheel protectors
  • Two large center wheels
  • Two push brackets with locking pins

Trolleys can be customised to specific requirements. Contact Powerplants to discuss further.

“The Powerplants trolleys are a great asset to our facility, they save time and make the job easier for our staff.”

Godfrey Dol – Blush Tomatoes
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