Berry Quest International 2018 – Tasmania Conference Update

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From Feb 12-15th 2018, the Berry Quest International conference will be running at Country Club, Launceston. Powerplants will be in attendance presenting the latest innovations and horticultural projects to aid at the grower level. Visit Keith Rockman our sales manager.

Organised by Strawberries Australia, Australian Blueberry Growers’ Association and Raspberries & Blackberries Australia. The conference will not only showcase the latest equipment and suppliers, but the Business Sessions will host leading Australian and international experts on a wide range of topics relevant to the growth of your business and your industry. Many of the topics have been selected by a panel of growers who have focused on the issues that will be pertinent to the berry industry as it expands over the next 5 to 10 years.

Among the presenters will be several innovative growers who are putting this knowledge into practice, and have given their time to share their journey of discovery with us. Information can be found here:

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