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Case Study – Dan’s plants
Milestone moment down-under – JAVO install

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Location – Heatherton (VIC)

In June 2015, Dan’s Plants, the Melbourne based nursery owned and operated by Danny, Dave and Michael Selzer, had a milestone moment and turned the key on their newly installed automated pot plant production and handling system. The system was supplied and installed by Australian Dealer Powerplants, Javo and Logiqs and project managed by Powerplants.


Dan’s Plants have been operating in the Australian market for over 20 years. Established in 1995, the company has grown to be one of the largest wholesale nurseries and suppliers in Australia. Dan’s Plants supplies major retailers, wholesale nurseries, garden centres, landscapers, builders and developers Australia-wide and offers a huge selection of products in several pot sizes.

The Challenge

Challenging Dave and Danny was the enormous logistical challenge of producing thousands of different potted plant lines in several pot sizes and keeping track of them in an efficient manner. In one of the regular international trips that Dave and Danny undertake to seek solutions and ideas relevant to their growing business, they visited Ubink in the Netherlands and saw the Javo and Logiqs pot plant handling system utilizing shuttles in operation there. Immediately inspired, it was not long before research was underway to assess the systems application and relevance to Dan’s Plants own nursery production and for it to deliver streamlined production and realise cost savings through the automation step.

Javo potting machine
The Solution

After consulting with Javo and Logiqs a unique solution was designed and offered and in March this year, installation began on-site in an existing greenhouse structure. Now completed and operational, this system is the most advanced pot plant production and management system in Australia and handles any pot and plant from 8cm succulent pots through to large 29cm pots for Yuccas. At the heart of the system is the Javo Plus M potting machine with flex plate bare root system fed peat mixes reconstituted by the Javo Big Bale (bale breaking solution).


The Plus series of machines gives fast pot and varietal changeovers with its centralized adjustment system. Minimizing the machine down time is very important with so many lines. The Javo Plus M potting machine sends completed plants to the Javo Compact Linear (put down) robot for automatic loading of the Logiqs benches (containers). The Javo Compact was selected for its ability to handle the whole range of pots and plant varieties, particularly high plants (as is the case with Yucca) in a smooth and accurate manner. The system has an additional 2 Javo Compact robots for the pick-up and put down functions required for plant grading.

Congratulations to Danny, Dave and Michael, and thank you to the entire install and management Team from Powerplants, Logiqs and Javo for a successful delivery and installation. For more information on Javo automated systems, please contact Carl van Loon.

Carl van Loon
Director Powerplants Australia
+61 3 8795 7750

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