Electrical Installations

Due to market forces, the trend in protected horticulture is for ever increasing project sizes with increasing levels of complexity.

Previously, growers have had to rely on local electrical contractors for their installation, and they were not familiar with the complexities of a complete greenhouse operating system. The resulting installations often became unnecessarily expensive and systems installed were often non-standard and integrated poorly with control systems.

Another issue is the difficulty for local electrical contractors to provide fixed quotes for electrical installations. This left a big question-mark when going to the bank for a loan for a greenhouse project.

Now we can integrate all your systems with our own licensed electricians and specialised know-how. We can also give you a fixed price for the electrical systems and installation for your project.

  • Specialised electricians in greenhouse installations
  • Cost effective due to many years of experience
  • Installations are designed and made in Australia
  • High service level as parts used are available in Australia

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