Electrical Installations

Due to market forces, the trend in protected horticulture is for ever increasing project sizes with increasing levels of complexity.

Previously, growers have had to rely on local electrical contractors for their installation, and they were not familiar with the complexities of a complete greenhouse operating system. The resulting installations often became unnecessarily expensive and systems installed were often non-standard and integrated poorly with control systems.

Another issue is the difficulty for local electrical contractors to provide fixed quotes for electrical installations. This left a big question-mark when going to the bank for a loan for a greenhouse project.

Now we can integrate all your systems with our own licensed electricians and specialised know-how. We can also give you a fixed price for the electrical systems and installation for your project.

  • Specialised electricians in greenhouse installations
  • Cost effective due to many years of experience
  • Installations are designed and made in Australia
  • High service level as parts used are available in Australia

With any new project, extension or upgrade it is important to know what the overall cost of the work will be and how quickly the work can be completed.

Powerplants’ team of electricians, apprentices and technicians are trained to carry out this type of work efficiently and to a high standard. This is possible by utilising many years of experience and by training our staff in the latest technology.

Also, as Powerplants has become a major supplier of electrical installations in the protected cropping industry in Australia, we can draw on our purchasing power to reduce the cost of materials to the customer.

Therefore Powerplants can offer competitive quotes for this type of work.

With many years of experience, Powerplants can carry out electrical installations very efficiently. Also, when working on projects with our partners Van der Hoeven glasshouse builder, we can further minimise any potential delay by working closely with other contractors.
Powerplants are committed to national OH&S safety laws and regulations. The implementation of the Safety Connect site safety management system confirms Powerplants’ commitment to the regulations.

All materials used meet or exceed Australian Standards.

What’s more, as a Master Electrician, Powerplants works to the highest possible standard in electrical installations.

All work carried out by Powerplants is signed off and certified by our fully qualified electricians.

When selecting Powerplants to supply and install your electrical systems, you have the peace of mind that the system features manual override control of all components of the system, where possible. This means that in the unlikely event of a control system failure, you always have manual control of the system.

Furthermore, as all Powerplants systems utilise locally available components, your system will not be down for long waiting for parts to arrive as components are available locally.

Australia has a wiring standard specifically designed to cope with our extreme climatic conditions. As a Master Electrician, Powerplants complies rigidly to these standards. This virtually eliminates the possibility of failure of a system due to poor design or installation.

Overall, our systems and service are designed to ensure that your crop needs will always continue be our concern.

Low Voltage Electrical Systems, Sensors and Control

With the installation, extension or upgrade of control systems (Minigrow, Omnigrow, Multigrow, Maximizer, Compact530, Connext), we can supply and run all the sensor wires, which are high quality instrumentation cable. We allow for plenty of spare wires for future expansion. We can also run all the low voltage control wires to motor control boxes, limit switches and solenoid valves, etc.

We buy cable direct from the manufacturers. We are very familiar with all greenhouse motors, pumps, boilers and other systems.

Cable tray

Where necessary, we install cable tray along the main cable runs where cable is required, more cables can easily be added later.

Interface panels

We manufacture our own interface panels at our facility here in Australia, and use locally available relays, soft-starters, etc. Our electrical panels give you manual control of equipment.


We can also supply and install lights, power-points, and GroSound speakers throughout the greenhouse and the packing shed.

Backup Generators & Lightning Protection

We can help you with backup generators for the peace of mind you need to know your greenhouse investment is protected. We can also advise on reducing your risk due to lightning strikes.

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