Exhaust Fans and Pads

Manage the cooling of your greenhouse actively with Pad & Fan Cooling.

Using Pad & Fan Cooling is a great way of controlling the air temperature, humidity and fresh air circulation in a greenhouse. The Fans draw air though the wet Pads, evaporating the water, thereby cooling the air. This way you can create a huge drop in air temperature, while maintaining a perfect humidity level for growth of plants.

For the climate of your greenhouse it is important to change the air 30 – 60 times per hour on a hot day. The Exhaust Fans have a high air capacity and are a great way to assure that you refresh the air in your greenhouse frequently.

  • Unique design gives high evaporative efficiency with a very low pressure drop
  • Individually tested fans for 100% quality control
  • Stainless steel plates
  • Fan capacity from 5,000 m3/hr to 40,000 m3/hr
  • European made
  • Wide range of different fans

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