Insect Netting System

Insect netting is used primarily to prevent harmful insects and diseases from getting into greenhouses, or to keep useful insects inside the greenhouse in an environmental friendly way.The Holland Gaas insect netting system is a pleated netting system installed in the ventilation windows of greenhouses and polyhouses. The compact folding system ensures maximum ventilation and a minimum loss of light.

In cooperation with the customer the perfect mesh type and air flow capacity can be chosen.

  • Minimal light interception due to the extreme small package of netting sheets
  • Minimal interference with the ventilation
  • The accordion shape of the netting provides more surface and is stronger then plain netting and causes more air exchange
  • Cost savings due to high quality, durability (UV resistance 1150 klangly) and easy installation
  • Also protects against rain water and strong wind hoses
  • Can easily be retro-fitted or installed new
  • The netting material can be cleaned and is easy to replace
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