Cravo Retractable Roof Production System (RRPS)™

The ability of retractable roof greenhouses to increase yields by optimising the growing environment and protect crops from excessive cold, heat, rain, hail and wind allows a grower to modify where they grow and how large of a production facility they need to meet their customer demands.

This provides growers the option to improve their balance sheet by lowering their overall investment by lowering land acquisition costs and reducing the overall investment on the greenhouse.

  • UV and infrared blocking roof coverage
  • Dropdown sidewalls
  • Adjustable roofing synchronized with drive systems
  • A-frame, X-frame and flat roof options

The World Leader in Retractable Roof Greenhouses/Shadehouses

“We are subjected to wild weather at times however with the Cravo screens we know our crops are protected all year round which gives us peace of mind”

Rob Pohlman – Pohlman’s Nursery

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