Thermal Screens

Thermal screens are by far the most effective energy and cost saving technology in the modern greenhouse. Thermal shade screens open when light is limited and close when light is excessive. They also reduce heat loss, dew drop, heating costs, and help to maintain a more constant and comfortable greenhouse climate for your crop and your staff.

  • Lifespan from 8 to 10 years
  • Reduces heating costs by 20 – 70%
  • Stabilises the climate in your greenhouse
  • Different models to select the best solution for your crops
  • Reduces chances on fungal diseases

“The Powerplants thermal screens greatly reduce the energy loss in my greenhouse”

Steve Eggleton – Plant Growers Australia
Australia is one of the driest and sunniest countries in the world. While this is great in winter, summer heat is a big problem for many growers. High temperatures are caused by excessive light getting into the greenhouse.

Svensson Thermal Screens are made of polished aluminium strips, which reflect light straight back out of the greenhouse, keeping crops cooler in summer creating a more productive growing climate to increase yield. With a life span of 8 – 10 years, Powerplants’ Thermal Screens give a phenomenal return on investment.

On cloudy days or in the morning and late afternoon, light becomes limited and plant growth slows down.

Powerplants Screens are retracted automatically when light is required. So on a cloudy day, the screens will open to let in as much natural light as possible in order to maximise growth. The screens are automatically closed at dusk in order to trap as much heat as possible for the night. This means that heating costs are greatly reduced by 20 – 70%.

Svensson Thermal Screens are made from aluminium and polyester, which are excellent insulators. Aluminium reflects long wave radiation from the crop back down to the crop. While the polyester absorbs long wave radiation providing a warm ‘blanket’ above the crop, reducing radiation and heat loss.

With electricity and gas prices rising, any savings can be spent elsewhere and you’ll feel better about your effect on the environment too.

Thermal screens are designed to keep crops warmer. This reduces the likelihood of condensation forming on leaves, flowers and fruit leading to fungal disease.
Most greenhouses are designed with good natural roof ventilation. If you are growing in a hot summer environment (most of Australia), you need Open Weave Screens. These screens have gaps between the aluminium strips that allow warm air to rise through them, while the strips reflect unwanted light back out of the greenhouse. These screens still give significant energy savings of up to 30%.

If you are growing in a cooler climate and have high heating costs or if you need to modify the day length, you need Closed Weave Screens. These screens have a clear plastic strip between the aluminium strips that helps trap heat, while the aluminium strips reflect unwanted light back out of the greenhouse. These screens give very high energy savings of up to 70%. Blackout screens are used to shorten or lengthen the day for flowers like Chrysanthemum and other crops. We can also install roll-up blackout sidewalls.

Screens - ClosedScreens - Open

By using Powerplants you are guaranteed quality parts and manufacturing. We use genuine De Gier drive motors and parts from Holland, which ensure long-term reliability. Most screen fixing parts are stainless steel or aluminium – not plastic, making the system last longer. We also specialise in Rack and Pinion Drive and the latest Slip Clutch Systems from Holland.

Our installers are the best in the business with over 40 years experience between them. When you choose Powerplants you are choosing the best people to do the job.

Ask us about the new Harmony Diffused Light Screens – giving even cooler crops with better light penetration into the crop.

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