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Briony van Loon

Business Development Manager
Business Development
Country: Australia
Date joined: 01/02/1998

I am currently the Business Development Manager, my role entails looking at different areas of the business and figuring out ways to improve efficiency in our business systems, which will ultimately improve our customer service and support and bring the highest quality products to the Australian Horticultural Industry.

I have worked for Powerplants for over half my life… So I am either really old or really young! Over the past 17 years (damn now you know my age). I have worked in nearly every role within the company with the exception of being an Electrician. I feel that you need to understand all roles and have carried them out yourself to best manage and understand your staff and how the different areas overlap. I also have the Best Bosses in the world (Carl and Simon).

Who am I.. that is a loaded question. When I am not living and breathing Powerplants. I love being a mum to two amazing children, cooking amazing meals for the best husband in the world, learning new things depending on my area of interest at the time. Reading, going to the beach and of course I am a little crazy!

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