Traditionally, climate control systems utilised wet & dry bulb sensors to measure air temperature and humidity.  The wet bulb probe is then fitted with a wick inserted in a water container.  The controller then calculates the relative humidity based on the air temperature reading and the difference with the wet bulb (100% saturated) temperature reading.  This type of sensor requires regular checking of the wick to ensure it is clean and wet, and also that there is sufficient clean water in the water container.

The ClimaSense is an electronic sensor to measure humidity and temperature in your greenhouse. Unlike wet & dry bulb sensors, the ClimaSense requires very low regular maintenance, since it only needs a check-up if the sensors haven’t been polluted.

Typically a check-up should only be required every 6 months, which is a lot less frequent than wet and dry bulb sensors which often need to be checked daily.

Unlike plastic or powder coated sensors housings, the ClimaSense features all aluminium construction and an integrated aspirating fan, the ClimaSense is therefore very durable.

  • Low maintenance
  • Compatible with:
    • Minigrow
    • Omnigrow
    • Maximizer
    • Compact 530
    • Connext
  • Sturdy device
  • Fully electronic with analog signals for both temperature and humidity

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