Priva Compass

Priva Compass – Afordable Integrated Environmental Control System

Priva is the largest and most successful climate control manufacturer in the world. The company has been developing climate control computers for over 50 years and their knowledge is distilled in the Compass.

When you have a profitable growing operation, it’s getting more and more important to grow more efficiently, use water and energy optimally and produce vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants safely. To realise this, it is necessary to use the right technology. Priva Compass takes the crop as the starting point and will guide you towards an optimal crop control. With this affordable process computer, you will have a user-friendly and sustainable solution to perfectly control your cultivation. Choosing Priva Compass, is choosing for precision, quality and a total solution

  • Controls ventilation, screens, fans, fog, lights, heating and boiler control
  • Controls irrigation and fertigation
  • Reports environmental conditions
  • Set certain parameters to let the system control climate and water systems for you
  • Modular design: easy to adapt to your needs
  • Hightech, yet affordable
  • Operable from any device via the Cloud
  • Clear dashboards with great ease of use

“The more accurate control over my greenhouse has increased my yield significantly.”

Gippsland Greenhouse Produce
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