Paskal Growth Analysis System

Paskal Technologies Ltd. has developed a Plant Growth Analysis system that enables the monitoring and analysis of the daily weight accumulation processes.

From the observations and analyses performed by the system in these projects, growers are able to receive important insights on the growth rate in the greenhouse and how it is affected by different conditions in the greenhouse, the differences between varieties, side in row, fertilizers etc. With this knowledge they are able to make the best educated decision on improving the growth and saving costs.

  • Provides online real time information on the growth of plants
  • Correlates between the growth and the greenhouse’s conditions
  • Provides an opportunity to study the behaviour of the plant and change the conditions in time, before any damage occurs
  • Provides a real-time overview of the whole greenhouse and on the growth in different compartments
  • Enables to: spot problems rapidly, make comparisons between different sections and technologies.
  • Evaluates the effects of different measures rapidly
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