Priva Compact 530

This Priva process computer incorporates the advanced controls for climate and irrigation in combination with flexible hardware layout. It provides you with a reliable and user-friendly foundation in climate control and irrigation which is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural production systems. Significantly more advanced than entry level systems such as the Priva Maximizer, the Compact 530 is a logical choice when the application requires more advanced control without the features or cost of the high end Priva Connext system.

The Compact 530 has fewer functions than the Priva Connext, but the advanced algorithms are the same. The Compact 530 also shares many flexible network features of the Priva Connext which means the system is easily adapted for growth or changes in the production systems it controls.

Many growers consider the Compact 530 as a logical step up from the Priva Maximizer by adding more accuracy, reliability and flexibility to their control.

  • Integrated controller for your systems in your field production or greenhouse
  • Intuitive control which makes sure the settings of your irrigation, fertigation or climate systems stay steady over time
  • Ability to be networked with associated saving in cable and ease of installation
  • Easily expanded inputs and outputs to cope with expansion
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