Priva Compact 530

This Priva process computer incorporates the advanced controls for climate and irrigation in combination with flexible hardware layout. It provides you with a reliable and user-friendly foundation in climate control and irrigation which is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural production systems. Significantly more advanced than entry level systems such as the Priva Maximizer, the Compact 530 is a logical choice when the application requires more advanced control without the features or cost of the high end Priva Connext system.

The Compact 530 has fewer functions than the Priva Connext, but the advanced algorithms are the same. The Compact 530 also shares many flexible network features of the Priva Connext which means the system is easily adapted for growth or changes in the production systems it controls.

Many growers consider the Compact 530 as a logical step up from the Priva Maximizer by adding more accuracy, reliability and flexibility to their control.

  • Integrated controller for your systems in your field production or greenhouse
  • Intuitive control which makes sure the settings of your irrigation, fertigation or climate systems stay steady over time
  • Ability to be networked with associated saving in cable and ease of installation
  • Easily expanded inputs and outputs to cope with expansion

It is very important to keep the irrigation, nutrition and environment just right to guarantee the best results in production and quality of your crops. The Priva Compact 530 does just that. The Priva Compact 530 is an advanced control system that constantly calculates values for every aspect of control in your irrigation, fertigation or climate system. Many more basic control systems on the market simply react to a change in fertigation or environment condition. For example, when the amount of fertiliser being applied during irrigation is too low, a simpler reactive controller would increase the dosing of fertiliser that runs to the plant. The Compact 530, on the other hand, will make sure that the amount of fertiliser won’t get too low in the first place as it calculates the amount of dosing required to achieve the desired fertiliser level. This makes the Compact 530 an advanced system. If you want to read more about how it works, you can take a look at our ‘How it works’-section.

With many growers worldwide facing continually higher production costs, Priva has been paying particular attention in ways to improve the efficiency of greenhouse operation. An area that has had a lot of attention is energy management. To this end, Priva have incorporated a number of particular features in the Priva Compact 530 process control system to optimise energy efficiency. These features include control of ventilation, heating, screen, CO2, fans, humidification, lighting, boiler, water application, fertiliser dosage and the option to reuse drain water. Naturally, all of these controls are controlled simultaneously and in tune with each other. The result is a controller that fits perfectly with your automation needs.

The yield of your plants depends on a range of variables. You have to manage the light, temperature, humidity, fertiliser solution etc. When all these variables are being managed correctly you can optimise your yield. The Compact 530 is very accurate in keeping these variables stable at the desired level. It constantly calculates optimal values for the processes it monitors and controls. Therefore any value will never be too low or too high at a given time.

Crop diseases can be a result of a greenhouse which isn’t monitored well enough on parameters such as humidity and/or temperature. Many greenhouses get too wet or too hot. Both of these circumstances can make your crops susceptible to crop diseases. The Compact 530 will make sure your greenhouse will have the right combination of humidity and temperature at all time.

Available for the Compact 530 are also extra sensors which monitor more parameters within the greenhouse.  These sensors include the Priva infra-red plant temperature sensor, the Priva Root Optimizer, the Priva drain tray etc. Contact Powerplants for more details of these and other Priva sensors.

Nutrient deficiencies in a plant are very undesirable and can possibly damage a plant. The Compact 530 monitors the amount of nutrients delivered to your plants and used by your plants.  The Compact 530 keeps these at an optimum rate. This increase in accuracy will benefit the growth of your plants.

The Compact 530 (along with the Priva Connext) is an intuitive control system, since it calculates the best values for all the processes all the time. When the actual value is even slightly different than the ideal value it reacts. Therefore it doesn’t allow any undesirable changes in the climate of the greenhouse – within the limitations of the systems it controls. The climate of your greenhouse will remain very stable thanks to this system.

The implementation of such a control system is not easy, since it is a very technical system. However it is worth the effort, because your greenhouse will be monitored better than ever before. Once it runs, it doesn’t require much more effort to keep it running efficiently. Setting up the system will require a qualified Priva control technician and the knowledge of the grower with inserting all the parameters it needs.

For example, when irrigating, the Compact 530 needs to know what the capacity is of pumps, dosing channels, stock solution strength, dripper flow rates, quantity of drippers per section, application required per section, required EC and pH. When the system runs it will calculate the actual value and then correct where necessary. A high correction value indicates that some of the initial settings could be improved, so it costs the system more effort to get the values stable. Nonetheless, the results of your greenhouse will still be good, since it does manage to get the irrigation and climate in your greenhouse right. The correction value is important for you to review your own settings and improving this will make your control system run more efficiently with less energy.

The Compact 530 uses a bus network to communicate with the computer. The bus network is a LAN connection which is established by a cable. It connects all parts in a greenhouse from one to the next in a straight line. While being a really fast connection, it is considered not as reliable as a ring network like the Priva Connext.


Example of Bus Network

Any damage done to the cable will have effect on the rest of the network beyond that point. Therefore we would like to mention that a Priva Connext will give you greater reliability.

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