Priva Connext

As advancements in the greenhouse industry continue to be developed, the Connext system by Priva provides a process control system network to integrate all control in one system. And more importantly the Priva Connext network can be monitored and accessed both locally and remotely through a broadband connection.

  • Optimise the control of climate, heating, irrigation, fertigation and water treatment
  • Provides communication between all controllable parts of your greenhouse
  • Optional integration with the FS Performance
  • Built in self-checking and redundancy offers great accuracy in climate control
  • Offers overview of all processes in the greenhouse
  • Robust network options for enhanced reliability
  • Optional customisation of user interface through Powerplants’ GeoVision

The Connext connects all the processes in my greenhouse, making my life a lot easier”

Peter Petsios, SA Tomatoes
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