Smart Motor Control Box

A Smart Motor Control Box (Smart MCB) is a safe and reliable way of operating the motors in your greenhouse. It is a ‘Smart system’, since it knows the limits of a motor. It is used to control vents or screens. You can operate any motor with mechanical limit switches in your greenhouse via this interface box without having the risk of damaging your motor. Therefore it prevents you from having high costs due to mechanical failures.

The Smart MCB also has an advanced alarm system, which gives you a signal when there is something wrong with the motor. Normally if a motor breaks down, you still have to examine it. This system also tells you what caused the motor to stop, so you already know how to react accordingly. We recommend every grower to have a Smart MCB for their motors, to prevent any potentially harmful situations for happening.

  • Easy controls
  • Alarm system with 9 different signals
  • Compatible with any climate control system
  • Can be retrofitted easily in any system

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