How covering your crop can prevent the heating up of plants compared to direct sunlight

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Hallam (VIC), April 11, 2016

Logo Cravo PowerplantsWhile tunnels have historically been the most popular covering for berry production, many experienced users of tunnels are looking to achieve earlier harvests and greater yields than they have been able to in the past. While everyone is aware that tunnels are excellent for protecting crops from rain and cold, most users are not aware of the fact that the plastic covering on a tunnel can actually prevent the rapid heating up of plants and fruit when the sun is shining.

Comparing Leaf Temperatures in a Tunnel and a Retractable Roof – May 12th
In the following video, you will see how on May 12, the leaf temperature of strawberry plants inside a conventional tunnel in the UK was 17C (62F), whereas the leaf temperature on strawberry plants in a retractable roof when the roof was retracted was 24C (75F) or 7C (13F) higher.

Benefits of retracting your roof
In addition to increasing the plant temperature, retracting the roof when outside temperatures are ideal:

  • Increases light levels approximately 40% helping to increase photosynthesis
  • Eliminates the buildup of humidity which occurs during the night
  • Increases C02 levels
  • Accelerates drying of the leaves helping to prevent foliar disease
  • Increases the transpiration rate helping to:
    • Move the nutrients through plant
    • Draw more oxygen to the roots
    • Increase fruit and flower development
    • Prevent excessive vegetative growth

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