Powerplants Medicinal Cannabis Equipment and Solutions

Powerplants Australia can provide your facility with state of the art specific turn-key solutions and equipment for medicinal cannabis production (which is also referred to as medical marijuana edibles, pharmaceutical cannabis, and medical marijuana), in a precise and controlled environment.

Our medical cannabis equipment is world class; we source state of art machinery from all around the world to ensure the quality is the best available.

We are pioneers in building, supplying and installing greenhouse systems and technologies for the medicinal cannabis research facilities around Australia.

Our turn key solutions offer precision control and consistent results year-round, using advanced control and fertigation systems by our partners Priva, lighting solutions by Philips, Screens by Svensson, space efficient benching by Ebb & Flood and Staal & Plast side shifts.

We welcome you to contact our sales team on to discuss your medical cannabis technology needs. Let us help you supply and install an unmatched level of environmental control, that will produce successful cannabis plants every time, every harvest.

Controlled Environment Solutions and Equipment for Every stage of Pharmaceutical Cannabis Production

Our greenhouse technology provides commercial-scale medicinal cannabis growers a supreme level of environmental control, that empowers them to develop, refine and repeat exacting growth conditions, which will produce specific cannabis plant properties in every cannabis harvest.

Powerplants cannabis equipment solutions, help to create and sustain precise uniform growth conditions, that results in reliable cannabis plant growth for each area required; streamlining workflow, reducing waste and driving more value from every cannabis crop cycle.

Let our Powerplants equipment aid in the successful cannabinoid metabolism everytime.

Advanced Control Systems for Superior Medicinal Cannabis Production

We design, fit, install and service advanced control systems by Priva. We have fitted hundreds of control systems such as the Priva Compact, Connext and Compass into many farms throughout Australia, and our testimonials and stories can be found on our Facebook page and monthly newsletters.

We are Australia’s approved supplier of Priva products and have service technicians on hand 24/7 Australia wide. Learn more about the following control systems available for your medicinal cannabis needs:

Compact 535Connext

Lighting Solutions for your Cannabis Plants, Flowers & Buds

Optimising Spectrum and Energy-Savings using Lighting for Medicinal Cannabis.

Lighting needs depends on the professional medical cannabis grower’s requirements for light spectrum and energy-usage. Most Cannabis plants and cannabis flowers produced in plant growth rooms and chambers, have primary and secondary lighting or a mix of types – fluorescent, halogen incandescent, high pressure sodium, metal halide and ceramic metal halide, and LED – to deliver a range of intensity from 100 to 1,400µmol.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are now being used more widely by pharmaceutical companies including medicinal cannabis growers all around the world; for improved cannabis bud-set, increased growth, artificial growing environments and to guarantee production out of the cannabis season, usually when prices are highest.

Fun facts: did you know that Cannabis is a genus of flowering plant in the family cannabaceae. Cannabis contains a variety of compounds (cannabinoids) which are ligands (binding agents) for cannabinoid receptors in the body. Botanical marijuana contains many cannabinoids; the best known of which are delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN). It should be noted that use of cannabis products derived from plants may involve exposure to a mixture of cannabinoids, potentially changing from crop to crop. Getting the right light exposure is paramount for growing condition and producing these biological outcomes.

In ideal conditions, savings in electricity of up to 38% can be achieved for your Cannabis crops. Learn more about your lighting options below:

Lighting options

Fertigation Systems for Maximum Cannabis Growth

Automated fertigation systems eliminate the inaccuracies of manual watering of cannabis plants.“Flood and drain” systems for trays or drip systems for individual plants are available depending on the plant requirements and size of growth room. An automated DirectJet, Nutrijet or NutriFit system offers advanced fertigation capabilities; including full single-element dosing options and on-the-fly delivery of multiple stock concentrates regardless of the system flow rate. The same dosing equipment can deliver numerous recipes, which can be modified to suit the changing environmental conditions. These systems enable cannabis growers to simply dial in a precision feeding program for every crop.

It is important that the Cannabinoids – compounds containing within the cannabis plant are cared for correctly, as these are what activate the receptors in the brain to produce medicinal effects. Achieving this, is what the growers are focused on to help their consumers and their medical based needs. Let us help your with your production equipment, so plant growth and integrity is at its highest and most potent.

Find out more on:

DirectJetPriva NutrijetPriva NutriFit

UV Disinfection

Powerplants Ecolux – Low UV Water Disinfection Unit.

Cannabis plants need a reliable source of water and fertiliser for optimum growth. With reliable water sources becoming increasingly difficult to find, and with fertiliser prices increasing all the time, it is very important to use your water and fertiliser efficiently and the following systems can help with this:


Thermal Screens and Protecting your Cannabis Plants 24/7

Thermal screens are by far the most effective energy and cost saving technology in the modern greenhouse including ones growing cannabis plants, flowers and their precious cannabis buds. They s open when light is limited for your cannabis plants and close when light is excessive. They also reduce heat loss, dew drop, heating costs, and help to maintain a more constant and comfortable greenhouse climate for your cannabis crop and your staff. Find out more about Svensson screens and other options such as blackout systems:

Thermal Screens

Space Efficient Benching

Ebb & Flood Benches are the greatest and most uniform watering system available. They improve ergonomics and OH&S compliance. Ebb & Flood Benches are very common in Europe and are a great benefit to your bottom line. Benches can increase your effective Marijuana growing area by up to 30%, reduce your water use by up to 70% and reduce fertiliser use by up to 30%. Learn more on our benches below:

Ebb & Flood options

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