“his professionalism whilst on site or via phone is exceptional”

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We started out a few years ago now growing cucumbers and blueberry’s in the Coffs Harbour region. We have now expanded our business and now have 3 of your Powerplants controller systems including the Priva Maximizer and the Priva Compact. We are using these to run 3 different Powerplants fertigation systems including the Priva NutriFit, Powerplants Direct Jet and Powerplants Nutrimix at 3 separate sites

With all due respect to all of your great staff, I would like to single out one your technician’s Paul Drop. He is one of the contributing reasons we have brought three of your systems. His work, his attitude, his professionalism whilst on site or via phone is exceptional. He deserves all the credit we have on our farm regarding our crops and would like to thank you as a company director in employing such a great man.

I would like to mention another gentleman who has also been exceptional for our business. Marcus the Priva Product Manager has also made sure that the service provided to us and any issues we have are rectified fairly and equally. He is also a great asset alongside Paul to your company.

I’m sure every company enjoys positive feedback and especially when it comes to its employees. Thank you once again Powerplants Australia and we look forward in continuing our business with you.

Management Team,
Sandhu & Chouhan Produce
Coffs Harbour

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