Powerplants has customers throughout Australia and services all of them. Regularly servicing of equipment is important to keep them in the best condition. This will result in consistent quality and reliability of your equipment. Also, you will have less risk of unexpected breakdowns, which could otherwise harm the quality of your crop severely.
Service check list:

  • Replace lamps
  • Calibrate irrigation system
  • Check sensors
  • Cleaning of equipment
  • Replace old parts
  • Check if machine runs efficiently
  • System maintenance

Some of these items you are able to service yourself easily. Other service requirements need to be performed by a Powerplants Service Technician. At the bottom of this page you will find a table displaying the frequency of recommended service times for our products.

If your equipment runs smoothly the energy usage will not be more than needed. However, poorly maintained machines or damaged parts will make your equipment use more energy.
Also, if control systems have outdated settings, your systems which control your climate might overreact, when they don’t have to. For example, most control systems keep a stable climate by heating your greenhouse when the temperature is below a certain level. You don’t want your control system to tell your heater too heat more than it should, as this will cost you energy. It will also result in more fluctuation in your greenhouse, which is bad for the stress of your plants.
If sensors don’t read what they should, control systems will act on wrong information. This will cause problems with keeping the climate in your greenhouse stable.
Your crop quality is affected by the condition of your equipment. Having your equipment looked after regularly, will improve their condition. This will result in an even better quality of your crop.

Sometimes it isn’t noticeable that you need servicing. You can imagine that if your sensors aren’t reading what they should or if your machine isn’t calibrated, it wouldn’t perform as it should. However, there is no way you can tell that without the help of a service technician.

Your equipment should be easy and safe to operate. In order to guarantee the safe usage of machines, it is a good idea to have your equipment checked periodically. If your equipment hasn’t been serviced for too long, the accuracy might drop and this could translate in unreliable results. Like your car, it is important that you do a regular check-up, so your equipment stays safe to use.
When your equipment hasn’t been looked after properly, you can’t be assured that everything still runs as smooth as it should. To ensure your equipment runs efficiently, it is essential you look after it and keep it in a good condition. A machine which is under performing can slow down your production and affect the quality of your crop. Regular maintenance keeps your system as efficient as it should be.
Service Trips QLD / North NSW NSW VIC TAS SA WA
Week 16 (13 – 17 April)      
Week 17 (20 – 24 April)        
Week 18 (27 – 1 May)      
Week 19 (4 – 8 May)    
Week 20 (11 – 15 May)         
Week 21 (18 – 22 May)       
Week 22 (25 – 29 May)       
Week 23 (1 – 5 June)     
Week 24 (8 – 12 June)         
Week 25 (15 – 19 June)       
Week 26 (22 – 26 June)      
Week 27 (29 – 3 July)    
Week 28 (6 – 10 July)         
Week 29 (13 – 17 July)       
Week 30 (20 – 24 July)       
Week 31 (27 – 31 July)     
Week 32 (3 – 7 August)         
Week 33 (10 – 14 August)       
Week 34 (17 – 21 August)      
Week 35 (24 – 28 August)    
Week 36 (31 – 4 September)         
Week 37 (7 – 11 September)       
Week 38 (14 – 18 September)       
Week 39 (21 – 25 September)     
Week 40 (28 – 2 October)         
Week 41 (5 – 9 October)       
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