We offer the latest horticultural technology. We are also aware that our high quality products require additional training and support for you, the customer. To use our horticultural systems to their maximum capabilities, training will give you and your staff a competitive edge. Our staff members are experienced trainers and experts in their product fields.

What kind of training does Powerplants provide?

We have currently delivered training to industry partners in the use of many of our control systems. Since we have the expertise to assist you with many of our products, we are also able to make customised training packages for the equipment you are using. If you need individual training in any specific product, just contact Powerplants Australia and tell us what you would like. We are also just about to launch online training for some of our products. Please let us know if you have any ideas for training topics that you would like to see in an online version, so can develop these resources for you.

In the table at the bottom of this page you can read about all our products we currently provide training for. If you are missing a training solution, please feel free to inform Powerplants so we can try to make that course available in your preferred format.

Do you have new greenhouse equipment, which you have never worked with? Or do you have a product where you only know the basic controls on the unit?

We know what the products we offer are capable of and how to use them. It is important to use our products as they are intended to be used, and this will save you both time and money each day. We can show you all the possibilities your equipment is capable of, and this can benefit your business in ways you haven’t thought of before.

Powerplants’ equipment can greatly optimise how you spend your time around your operation area. Our equipment is designed to make your life easier. Dedicated training is a good way to get to know how the product can help you in specific ways. There is no need to undertake time consuming research yourself. We are able to explain everything to you via our training programs and answer specific questions.
Having information about how your crops are performing is vital for your business. Many of the more advanced greenhouse equipment collect large amounts of useful data on the production elements of your growing area. If you know how to use this data, you will be able to make better informed decisions to enhance your yield and quality of your crop. Both of these factors greatly influence profit, so it is important to monitor them. We can show you what the key parameters are in tracking the status of your crop to gain the best results in your yield.
To optimise the performance of you and your team, a dedicated training programs is a good investment. By making your team more knowledgeable on the products they are working with, you will experience a more efficient usage of these systems. When your staff grows more interested of the solutions and options of the installed systems, your business can be greatly benefited. They will become more pro-active when it comes to using the available equipment, as their having an increased understanding of the systems. If you are able to use more aspects of the horticultural equipment, you can find improvements and solutions easier and quicker.

Meet our Trainer

Powerplants is able to offer excellent training packages. Since the addition of Tony Bundock to the Powerplants’ team, we have all the skills to provide you with the training you require.


Tony Bundock – Technical Supervisor

Visit Tony’s Profile

Tony Bundock has studied at Writtle Agricultural College UK, is a Fellow of the Institute of Specialised Studies, and holds a Diploma in Commercial Crop Growing as well as a Master’s Degree in Education. He was a teacher for 22 years at Chisholm Institute of TAFE, teaching students about horticulture and commercial cropping. Tony also ran the on-campus National Precision Growing Centre greenhouse at Chisholm and was responsible for all aspects of crop production and management. Tony is very experienced in the use of Priva climate control computers, and is endorsed by Priva as an official Priva Trainer. Because of his background, Tony knows the obstacles growers can face. Combined with his expert knowledge of the usage of climate control and irrigation systems, he will be able to assist you to broaden your knowledge about using your equipment.

Type Products Online Training Group Training Individual Training
Water Systems NutriJet    
  Drain water monitor    
Control Systems Minigrow    
  Compact 530
Automation & Labour FS Performance  

We are able to offer customised training for all levels of experience, from the new entrant up to the experienced grower.

Training is available that covers topics ranging from an introduction to crop growing up to advanced use of computerised climate and irrigation systems.

We also have some trainings available in the following categories:

  • Introduction to Crop Growing
  • Computerised climate control
  • Computerised Irrigation
  • Control Priva Office

Whatever your needs, we will be able to facilitate the training you require.

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