Drain Water Monitor

Powerplants’ drain water monitor collects and analyses run off water from your growing gutters. The run off water from your gutters hold a lot of useful information for every grower. The collected water can indicate the efficiency of the current settings of your irrigation program by telling you the amount of nutrient left in the water.

The drain water monitor reads the EC-value, pH and the volume of run off water from the gutter. With this information you can make decisions on how best to mix your water and nutrient and how much of this solution your plants actually need.

The benefit of this information is that you can now more accurately tailor the amount of water and nutrient supplied to the plants and also recycle your drain water more accurately.

  • Analyses the EC value, PH value and the volume of drain water
  • Improves efficiency of water and nutrient usage
  • Prevents over-watering
  • Reduces nutrient deficiencies by accurately reading the nutrient mix

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