Priva NutriJet

The Priva NutriJet is a compact, reliable, direct injection fertiliser dosing unit.

Unlike other direct injection systems on the market, the Priva NutriJet features a unique mixing chamber with built in fertiliser injectors. The Priva-designed patented Mixing Chamber contains baffles and provides a turbulent mixing of the nutrients and acid/alkali.

This system is designed to interface with the Priva range of controllers.The Priva NutriJet is supplied as standard with pump, one or two mixing chambers, 4 single, dual or triple dosing channels plus one acid dosing channel, flow meter and control interface.

  • Priva Interface
  • Unique mixing chamber; no mixing tank
  • Dual EC and pH sensors
  • Just one pump is required, making the system more economic

“We use the Priva NutriJet and Priva Compact 530 to ensure nutrients are supplied effectively while pH is controlled and monitored to ensure nutrient availability”

Greg Jarman – Berry Exchange

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