Powerplants DirectJet

Powerplants’ DirectJet is an ideal solution for growers with different crops and crops at different stages, where smaller applications of different nutrients need to be made. As with all other fertiliser dosing systems, the DirectJet is connected to various fertiliser stock solution tanks filled with fertiliser concentrate (usually 100:1 concentration).

These tanks contain soluble fertilisers dissolved in water. The dissolved fertilisers are drawn through dosing channels and fertiliser injectors, then they are mixed with water through the pump and filter before being pumped to the crop.

    • A long lasting corrosion resistant and durable frame.
    • Durable stainless steel pump with fertiliser resistant Viton seals.
    • Manual over-ride switches to provide manual control of the DirectJet in the unlikely event of a controller malfunction.
    • Easy to clean and service irrigation filter and dosing channel filters.
    • Dual EC and pH sensors to provide maximum protection and reliability by continuously monitoring the EC and pH of the water/fertiliser mix going to the crop.
    • Accurate flow meter with electronic output connected to the controller. This measures the flow rate and volume of irrigation being applied.

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