Powerplants EasyDose

Powerplants EasyDose – Your first step to start automated fertigation of your crops.

The EasyDose is designed by Powerplants to help out growers make the transition from low technology fertiliser dosing (fertigation) to automated fertiliser dosing. Most automated fertigation units are thought of as expensive and only suited for the bigger or higher technology operations. The EasyDose is an affordable option for any type of grower to automate fertigation. This makes fertigation more accurate and flexible which results in better crop quality. It also saves you a lot of valuable labour hours which you no longer have to spend on fertigation by hand. The EasyDose is available as an in-line model and also as a bypass-model. Therefore you can easily integrate it into your current irrigation systems.

Call us for an option to see how the EasyDose can improve your application.

  • In-line model has an irrigation pumping capacity of up to 100 litres per minute
  • Bypass model has an irrigation pumping capacity of up to 800 litres per minute, depending on your current pump
  • 3 dosing channels for A, B and acid/alkali solutions
  • Available with or without easy-to-use integrated controller

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