Priva NutriFit

Although there are a number of fertiliser dosing units on the market, the Priva NutriFit is unique.

The NutriFit is a mixing tank based dosing unit. The NutriFit works by injecting water soluble fertilisers into the on-board mixing tank and thoroughly mixing the fertiliser with water. The result is a stable, homogeneous solution with the desired fertiliser concentration. The system is equipped with dual EC and pH sensors to measure the concentration of the nutrient solution accurately.

The ingenious design of the NutriFit includes a moulded base and tank design which incorporates features which allow for easy handling of the unit for transport but also minimises pipe support and fixing.

  • Able to dose water flows of up to approximately 25 m3/hour
  • Up to 4 different fertilizer dosing channels
  • Dual EC and pH sensors
  • Complements the complete range Priva controllers
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