Priva NutriFlex

Priva NutriFlex – Fertigating your crops in a Reliable and Flexible way.

Fertigation is a key component of hydroponic production.  The term refers to the mixing of fertilisers and irrigation water. Using the Priva NutriFlex, your crops are provided with the correct required quantity and proportion of fertilisers. Concentrated fertiliser stock solution tanks, which contain soluble fertilisers dissolved in water are connected to the NutriFlex. The dissolved fertilisers are drawn into the NutriFlex integrated mixing tank, where they are mixed and then pumped to the crop. The NutriFlex can mix a maximum of five solutions simultaneously, e.g. four fertiliser solutions and one acid/alkaline solution. When you have double dosing channels, the system is able to inject up to ten fertiliser solutions. The entire process is controlled via your Priva process controller.

  • Efficient fertiliser dosing for all types of crop with either 300 or 600 litre per hour fertiliser dosing channels
  • System pumping capacity of between 5m3/hr and 110m3/hr of water and fertiliser per hour – depending on model
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Dual EC and pH sensors for optimum measurement and maximum protection
  • Available with or without integrated Priva process controller, main filter or fill pump
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